We offer Users & Providers the best combination of technology & resources to actualize Wellness Outcomes.

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Our Story in 3 simple words

Holistic, unbiased and personalized

We believe a Balanced and Fullfilled Life includes nurturing all aspects of one's Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing.

Our goal is to be your Trusted Partner towards a happier and fulfilling life.

Our Team

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    Dr. Raj Singh M.D.


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    Zaki Medina


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    Joy Patel

    Product Management

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    Saylee Thakur

    Marketing & Design

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    Arpit Shah


Featured Providers

We only have one body, let's take care of it together.

Photo of Calli Collins, PA-C

Calli Collins, PA-C

Physician Assistant

Optimal sleep, stamina, and sex, three pillars of a healthy mind and body.

Photo of Goldyn Dimasin, APRN

Goldyn Dimasin, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

We are what we absorb, optimal nutrition is the key to a healthy mind and body.

Photo of Mia Loprieato, APRN, Family

Mia Loprieato, APRN, Family

Nurse Practitioner, Weight Loss & BHRT

Medical Science combined with must-have products and solutions are key to ensure a happy and healthy lifestyle throughout the daily grind that we are all in. Wellness is a key need

Photo of Dr.Jonathan Johnson

Dr.Jonathan Johnson


Our Advisory Board

  • Guneet Bedi photo

    Guneet Bedi

    Auxano Capital

  • Dr. Ben Rudinsky, M.D photo

    Dr. Ben Rudinsky, M.D

    Nevada Kidney Disease & Hypertension Centers

  • Dr. Jonathan Johnson photo

    Dr. Jonathan Johnson

    Capital Aesthetic and Laser Center

  • Patricia López Trabajo photo

    Patricia López Trabajo